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VIEW / Guilty or not, here she comes — Nancy Grace brings mob justice to CNN

if one looks at every page of every transcript since “Nancy Grace” debuted three months ago, the program more closely resembles a torch-bearing mob than the “legal issues” show that CNN promised. Grace has created her own parallel universe in which guests are berated for advocating due process, panelists are invited back frequently if they make ad hominem attacks and suspects are seemingly guilty until proven innocent.

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t have cable, and, therefore, don’t watch these infotainment news channels such as CNN, MSNBC, and the king of them all, Fox “news”. I realized, while on my trip to Louisville, that I was not missing out AT ALL.

As I was flipping through the channels on my hotel television I came across this Nancy Grace woman, and was rather horrified. I kind of stared at the television in disbelief for a few minutes. Not believing that this shrill, awful woman was on television. At the time I didn’t know I was watching CNN.

This woman was very stupid. She was saying really stupid things that didn’t warrant her to devote a television show to them. She was incessently droning on and on about a serial killer and that he should just fry, and why are we spending our taxpayer dollars on letting this person sit on death row and getting the chance to have his case appealed. She would go on and on with details about what he did to his victims to make her point. And she went into grusome details, too. I was getting grossed out by the details. The lawyer she was talking to voiced what I was thinking in my head. He had this look on his face like he was thinking, “Is this woman THAT stupid?” and he said, “Nancy, we live in a country in which we rule by law.” Duh.

Found this via Eschaton.

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33 thoughts on “Nancy Grace?”

  1. You definitely aren’t missing anything in terms of cable news. I don’t watchthe news. It’s too sensationalized. And besides when I come across someone like Nancy Grace or Bill O’Reilly I wonder how anyone with half a brain can possibly take anything that they have to say seriously! They are hate mongers.

  2. They are! I don’t know how anyone can take them seriously, either. It’s like they are characatures for what the mainstream media has become.

  3. It’s interesting to me how quickly the kinds of Neo-conservative fanatics want justice to be served on minorities and the poor, but will gladly ignore the fact that Rush is running around free and has two or three hundred times the amount of evidence pointing to his guilt as these guys they are hoping to “fry”. Most of it is blatant racism and hate mongering that we’ve all come to expect from the the right wing Republicans in this country.

  4. oh, I know! and what about Kenneth Lay?!? He totally screwed over so many people out of thier retirement, and really put middle class californians in a financial bind during the electricity crisis a few years ago. I don’t see them saying Lay should fry! or maybe they do…I don’t watch these people so I can’t say :lol: . But somehow I seriously doubt they would go after the likes of Kenneth Lay.

  5. Yeah it would never cross their mind to fry a businessman that stole billions of dollars, but someone gets caught stealing food for his family, they scream for the death penalty. They are just mentally retarded in that way, they can’t grasp billions so it’s like it didn’t happen at all. It’s only when they are personally effected that they suddenly decide that something should be done. It’s a disgrace these scum call themselves Americans.

  6. wow..this is like the third time i found a place where i can voice my dislike for nancy fukn grace. she is a loser. stupid. i hope dumbass americans dont take her seriously. man…if u have any brain u can see right through her and not believe anything she says. she is a phony biatch. non credible statements and rude to her guests. if cnn is using her for ratings they are dumbass too..this is a low for telivised law. cant they find someone w/ brains and not so much freakn nonsense emotion. she is blind by her prejudice. cant look at the evidence w/ the shit covering her eyes. pisses me off.

  7. I think that Miss Grace reporting was terrible.. I think that her show should be cancel.. to think that if she was a juror on Micheal Jackson trial or any case there be no fairness.. I will send as many emails a possible to be heard about how she was soooo unfair… innocent or guilty be fair,she was a disgrace
    thank you. mrs corbett

  8. Hi Shirley & Bliss! thanks so much for visiting my site :). I totally agree with both of you 100 percent! she is a total disgrace. why she is on television is beyond me. I didn’t see her coverage of Micheal Jackson, but i’m sure she had him tried and jailed on her program every night.

  9. I really hate that woman. I can not beleive the way she behaves on court TV. The way she acted before jackson’s verdict on TV was atricious. She is a dumbassed, opinionated, illiterate bitch. Shame on CNN to give this idiot her own show. In some ways, that is the direction this country is taking, anyways….

  10. Nancy Grace is a person on TV that is not doing justice to anyone. She is bitter, angry, mad and confronatational. She never respect those who do not agree with her opinion. Why is she on TV anyway?

  11. She is so ignorant a complete and utter idiot! What is CNN doing? Shes a disgrace to journalism and the law profession. Rant and raving and leading a witch mob without looking at the bigger picture. Who asked her for an opinion?

  12. i had the misfortune of writing nancy grace while she was mainly on court tv. she and i went back anf forth about her extremely skewed opinions and tendancy to wrap herself in self righteousness due to the death of her fiancee. she wrote me eleven times to tell me how she did it in georgia. come to find out she is about to be censured by the ga bar for her past disregard for ethics as a ga prosecutor. all the makings of a cable pundit.

  13. None of you people have a clue about Nancy Grace.
    I watch her everyday on CTV and everynight on HLN.
    I have been watching her since she has been at CTV.
    She came to CTV in January of 1997 and has done
    an excellent job.
    Nancy is for the victims. It is unfortunate that the MJ jury did not find him guilty. She was right about
    him. We need more people like her on the air to
    take up for the victims. These celebs. can hire
    big name lawyers, publicity people, etc. The victim
    has no one to speak for them.
    As far as the 11th circuit court and Ms.Grace, she explained in full their reprimands on Larry King show on June 7, 2005. If some of you would listen instead of criticizing, you might learn something.
    She will be around for a long time. If you do not like her, don’t watch her, however, you do not need to criticize what you do not know.
    Her book is #7 on the NY times list, it will be #1 soon. Read it and you might learn the real Nancy Grace.
    God bless!

  14. Kathy, you put us all down and then say “god bless” at the end of your comment?!? seems rather hypocritical to me.

    I don’t like Nancy Grace. I saw enough of her that one day when I happened to catch her on cnn. She is shrill and, from what I gathered from what I watched, stupid. I will certainly not read her book. Why would I waste my time?

    Don’t worry. I don’t watch her.

    oh, and the The victim has the D.A. to speak for them IN A COURT OF LAW.

  15. I was just flipping through TV and stopped when I heard this woman screeching “…and if you put her on the stand her chances for an appeal would go down, down, DOWN the drain!” My first thought-without even knowing who she was or what she was talking about was that she came across as stupid lady who that covers her innability to intelligently discuss the news by angrily shrieking her opinions. The way this woman was conversing with this laywer was extremely amateurish and I am astonished that someone is paying her to be on tv. I wasn’t suprised that googling “nancy grace” and “idiot” brought me to this site!

  16. Happy that I can be of any help ;). Looks like a lot of people have a need to vent after coming across Nancy Grace.

  17. To many of us Canadians, Nancy Grace is disgusting and we are writing letters to her sponsors telling them that we will not watch her show anymore, thus not viewing their ads. Complaing to CNN about her will only increase her ratings. Email the sponsors!!! Nancy Grace is turning CNN into a subjective TV TABLOID !!!

  18. I’m so glad that people are writing letters to CNN. Apparently, there are many people, both American and Canadian, who are outraged.

  19. I watched that idiot, during the Michial Jackson trail, and she is the most stupidest,I,ve ever seen.she really need,s to be put in a tweety brid cage,forever.

  20. Yep, I too have had enough of ranting and raving. Hard to believe that she had a great reputation when she was a prosecutor. CNN is long overdue for a lawsuit from all the people she has slandered on her show. But shame on them for giving her airtime.

  21. Has anyone else noticed how right CNN has shifted as of late. They used to be pretty well rounded, but the last few times I’ve stumbled across them I’ve been horrified at how right wing they’ve gotten!

  22. Mona,
    I’m sorry if you thought I was critizing you or anyone else. I was not. I was asking you all not to critize
    Nancy, since you cannot possible know anything about her
    if you only watch her once or just a few times. I have
    watched her for 8 years. It is not just the DA’s job to
    help victims’. We should all be out there doing something. My cousin is a Senator here in my state. I have emailed him and my Representatives here and also my US Senators asking that they take a look at these monsters that are let out of prison to go out and kill and molest again and again. Just like Joseph Duncan, the man who killed and entire family in Idaho, with the
    exception of the little girl, Shasta. The DA is not going to write and call all of our leaders in the statehouse or in Washington.
    Nancy gives her time and money to Missing and Exploited Children and the Carol Sund Foundation, plus many more.
    She is giving the proceeds that she herself receives from the sale of her book to Missing and Exploited Children. Since it is a best seller, I am sure she will
    have a nice bundle to donate. I applaud her for being
    so generous. In person, she is a very polite and quite lady. She has a very soft voice.
    She had inspired some of us to do as she is doing.
    We are raising money anyway we can for the foudations that she herself supports to help missing children.

    I am a victim myself. I only wish there had been a Nancy Grace or another foundation that could help me back in the 1970’s when I needed someone.
    I still suffer from my tragedy that happened to me, not a memeber of my family. You do not know how it feels to
    have a knife at your throat and the perp.saying do what I say, or I will cut your throat. I hope you never will have to know.

    As I said before, May God bless you all and give you more understanding of others.

  23. Kathy, first of all, my name is not Mona. Secondly, I’m very sorry that you went something so horrible, but, with all due respect, you don’t know me or the things that I have gone through. Thirdly, your victimization has nothing to do with the fact that I find Nancy Grace shrill and inappropriate. And apparently others feel the same way. Fourth, Yes, the DA does stand up for the victims. They are the ones who put the cases together to put the criminals in jail. They are doing the work. We live in a country where we live by the rule of law. We are not a country of vigilanties. And how do you know what attorneys do and don’t do? Why wouldn’t they write to our senators? It’s silly to just assume that is something they wouldn’t do. Fifthly, your little blessing is very condescending. Believe me, I have lots of understanding of others. It’s like me saying to you, Kathy, “may God bless you and give you more wisdom.” See how that works? It’s condescending.

  24. Moni,

    This is America and we are all entitled to our opinions.
    I respect your opinion, I hope you respect mine.
    I just feel that we as Americans need to do something
    to help victims and you apparently do not and that’s
    fine. I do not find your blessing that I find wisdom
    condescending at all. I accept it with thanks.
    I do need more wisdom, we all do. I am a very easy
    going person and I have no hostility in my heart.
    I always bless people, no matter who they are.
    I am a Christian and I believe that is something
    we need to do. Sorry that you find it condesending,it
    is not meant to be that way. I apologize if that is offensive to you.
    I am 55 years old and I truly learn something
    new everyday.

  25. Kathy, Let me explain to you why your “blessing” is condescending. Your saying, “may God bless you and give you more understanding of others” implies that I don’t have any understanding of others, and that you, since your are “so much” holier than I am, you are so enlightened by the Holy Spirit, that you are able to discern this in others an bless me with understanding of others. It implies that you think that I am flawed in some way so you need to pray this prayer to “fix” me. It’s extremely offensive.

    Furthermore, I am highly offended by your comment saying that I don’t care about vicitms (and you do, of course, because you are so much better than me). Did I say that I didn’t care about victims, EVER? No I not. How horrible of you to just assume that I don’t care about victims, just because I don’t agree with your position. It’s that whole, neocon, “if your not with me your against me” mentality. And it pisses me off. Again, you think you are morally higher than I am. Frankly, I think this is extremely un-Christian of you.

    I would appreciate it if you took your comments elsewhere. If you don’t I will ban you. This is my website and I will not have somebody insult me by telling me that #1 I dont’ have understanding of others (through a pseudo-blessing) and #2 that I don’t care about victims.

    By the way, I was not giving you a blessing. I was, merely, trying to make a point. A point that went over your head, apparently.

  26. I just signed on here to see what people thought about Nancy Grace. I have long watched her shows, both on Court TV, and CNN. I find her very anti-american in her apparent notion that everyone that in show cased as a defendent is guilty even before the trial starts.
    Another thing, anyone that shows people cheering (as she did) after being told someone is being sentanced to death, has a very serious deficiency or any moral character. I do believe that the death penalty should be upheld in “extreme” cases. However I have never cheered when someone was put to death, or even felt any sort of cheer that a sentence was handed down.
    When we subscribe to the notions of Nancy Grace or the like. We show what our society is turning to, cheap thrills. Is the “Running Game” next? How about public executions? Personally I like “drawn and quartered” in public. Public witch trials. Hmmm. Sorry Nancy, I find you guilty.

  27. Her most annoying trait by far is her total lack of civility. There was a time in this country when people showed respect & common decency to an individual they disagreed with. Her constant interruptions to her guests is not only unprofessional, it’s extremely RUDE! But let’s not quibble about Nasty Nancy, how about Obnoxious O’Reilly & King Larry, all with severe cases of “LIP LAP”, the inability to kept your lip shut while another person is talking. I would love to see a reality show with these three individuals in a sound-proof booth challenging each other for the “Interrupting Championship Of The World.” Clearly three trophies would be needed for this event, for all three are bona fide world champions

  28. Nancy Grace, 47, commentator for Court TV.
    A “Victim of a violent crime”
    The Murder of Keith Griffin.
    What has she told us about what happened that violent day?
    In searching through interviews, magazine and newspaper articles here is what she has said.
    Then there are the documented facts gleaned from interviews with Jurors, Attorneys, Judge, Witnesses and newspapers in the area.
    First the date, she has said at various times, it happened in 1987, 1985, 1982 and 1980. You would think a date that according to Ms. Grace “changed her life forever” would be burned into her soul. A seminal event!
    The date was August 6, 1979 .
    She said it happened in a remote wilderness.
    It was on the entrance road to the Georgia Kraft Plywood Co. and US Hwy. 278, 1 ½ miles from downtown Madison Ga.
    She said her boyfriend did not know his assailant.
    They were friends, work for the same construction Co. In fact the prosecutor at trail based part of his case on the assailant killing a friend.
    She said her boyfriend was 25.
    He was 23.
    She said the assailant was 25.
    He was 19,
    Said assailant was on parole
    He was not.
    Said he had a record.
    He did not.
    Said it was a murder for profit.
    It was not.
    The man was out for revenge after being fired from his job at the construction Co.
    Said her boyfriend was driving a jeep,
    It was a Bronco that belonged to the Construction Co.
    Said it was robbery.
    It was not.
    Said they found Keith’s wallet with $35.00 and her picture in McCoy’s home
    No wallet was found in his home. Just the 38 cal. revolver Ser# 33866 . (Griffin’s wallet was found several days after the incident in the Bronco, by Eli Ingram,)
    Said it was a mugging.
    It was not.
    Said it was random.
    It was not.
    Said he was still alive when he arrived at the hospital.
    He was pronounced dead at the scene .
    Said she was asked by Joe Briley the District Attorney if he should seek the death penalty. Grace said she told him No and has regretted it ever since. (If that were true you would think Briley would have asked Griffin’s parents. rather than a 21 yr. old kid .
    The State did ask for the Death Penalty. The jury voted against it.
    She said she testified at the trial.
    Two Jurors, a Bailiff, a Defense attorney a Court Reporter and Judge do not remember any “white girl testifying”. (The transcripts were destroyed in a fire.) .
    The Defendant never looked at her.
    The accused stared at the floor during the entire trial. In fact he never spoke a word to his lawyer or anybody before, during or after the trial. (One exception)*
    She said McCoy’s defense was “didn’t do it, you got the wrong guy
    The truth is… there was never a doubt by anyone he did the crime (there is a confession)
    The defense was insanity.
    Said the Jury was out 3 days .
    Jury was out 5 hrs.
    She said there were many appeals.
    There were none
    Says she is 44 years old
    .She is 47.
    Documented narrative of what really happen August 6, 1979.
    Keith Griffin 23, from Athens GA. and Tommy McCoy 19, an illiterate, mentally challenge Blackman, worked together for the Ingham Construction Co. on the Georgia Kraft Plywood Co. site outside Madison Ga.
    McCoy was fired and was out for revenge. On Monday the 6th of August Mccoy left his house with a 38 cal. Revolver stashed in a brown paper bag.
    Keith Griffin had taken the company Bronco to town to pick up lunch. Returning to Kraft he saw McCoy walking down the Company road at the intersection of US Hwy. 278.
    Griffin stopped either to talk or to give a ride to McCoy. It is not clear which.
    McCoy fired six shots at point blank range, five of which found their mark… McCoy then dumped the body in the back seat and in his rush, drove the Bronco in a ditch.
    Joe Brown, a maintenance worker for the plant drove by in his truck and not knowing what had happed offered to help McCoy. He refused. Brown drove a few yards decided to return. He told McCoy he would take him to the hospital because of all the blood on his shirt.
    The assailant then jumped in the passenger side of Brown’s truck, put the gun in the f ace of the Maintenance worker and pulled the trigger twice,( At trial he said the gun looked like a “stove pipe”) The gun was empty, Brown ran and McCoy took of in his truck..
    Minutes later friends of Brown’s showed up and said they saw the truck and knew where it was. It was parked in McCoy’s driveway. He was arrested a few minutes later with the gun in his possession.
    Keith Griffin was pronounced dead at the scene.
    Tommy got a lawyer, a good one, Billy Prior. According to Prior, McCoy never said a word to him before, during or after the trail. (One exception). During the entire 1 ½ day trail the defendant stared at the floor without moving prior did a magnificent job explaining the psychiatric reports and mental history of the retarded defendant. McCoy had been judged “mildly retarded” by the Ga. Central State Hospital. (By the way, no one remembers a “white girl” testifying.)
    It worked! The jury turned down the death penalty.
    When the Jury came back and announced they would not render a death penalty verdict. McCoy turned to his lawyer and uttered his only words. “Does that mean I’m gonna live”?*
    Tommy McCoy, GDC ID: 0000400964 was convicted of murder, aggravated assault (Brown) and found not guilty of robbery. He was sentence to life, with possibility of parole.
    He is in his 26th year at the Hancock State Prison at Sparta Ga,
    Sources: Interviews with two Jurors, Judge, Attorneys and the Bailiff. Court documents,
    Larry King Live., New Republic, Atlanta Journal, the Madisonian and Macon Telegraph. Newspapers.
    Interview Sources and Documents
    Bill Scholly, Investigator, Buckhead Ga.
    Bill Prior, Attorney for Mccoy. Madison Ga.
    Joe Briley, District Attorney. Madison Ga.
    Columbus Johnson. Sheriff. Madison Ga.
    Don and Eli Ingram, Ingram Construction Co. Madison GA.
    Hugh Thompson, Judge. Madison Ga.
    Roy Dobbs, Jury Foreman. Madison Ga.
    Alonzo Farmer, Juror. Madison Ga.
    Joe Brown, Second Victim. Madison Ga.
    Janet Wilkerson, Court Reporter. Milledgeville Ga.
    Notice of State’s intention to seek Death Penalty (Available on request)
    Completed Verdict Forms. (Available on request)
    Sentencing Documents. (Available on request)
    Notice to suppress evidence. (Available on request))
    Mccoy’s Personal History. (Available on request)
    Jury Instructions. (Available on request)

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