house photos


Here are some pictures of our new house!

Half of the front:


Here is half of the front looking from the front door:


I would like to plant a couple of fruit trees, especially a cherry tree to match the other side:


Here is the “foyer”:


Ignore the laundrey basked on the floor on the right :oops:. Also, the rocking chair was the one that my mom used to rock me to sleep when I was a baby! she just gave it to me last weekend.

Here is the living room from the front door:


Again, please ignore the messiness. Still trying to organize a bit :).

Here is the Kitchen:


Notice that we have a dishwasher! I will never live without a dishwasher again. I don’t know how I lived this long without one!

And then we have the backyard. Here is our little pond:


And here is the other side of our yard:


And the patio from the back of the yard:


There! Hope you enjoyed my little tour! The only things I didn’t show were the office, bedroom, bathroom and garage. Nothing too spectacular there. The bathroom does need some work, so perhaps a before and after shot when the time comes?

And it smells good too



This is the magnolia tree growing in my back yard! It’s blooming! I got some other pictures of my yard the other day but they turned out slightly blurry. I still may post them tommorrow.

I’m so excited to have the internets back in my home! It was about a week and a half that we were with out it. God damn Comcast.

june 7th


I called Comcast to switch over my cable service to our new place. We will have our service shut off here tommorrow (since we are moving tommorrow). But we can’t get anyone out to our new house until june 7th. ugh! June 7th! I hope I can survive. I can access the internet at work, but I have to wait out the whole weekend (which goes through tuesday for me). sigh.

so anyway, stay tuned, in the next few days, for a funny story that involves Mr. Potatohead.

And have a fantastic and safe Memorial day weekend.