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All of my library holds came in at once. I might take a social media break so I can read them all..

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One of the laws of the universe is that all library holds come at the same time. This is what arrived for me today at my own library. I am also working slowly through four books. I am also feeling a need to do some creative writing and just general de-cluttering of the brain.

When I was writing the “Choose Love” post I took the opportunity to read though some of the post that I wrote when I was doing my media fast last year. It’s kind of interesting to revisit that experiment. It was great experience and I want to do it again. So I am. Starting tomorrow.

I’ll see you in a week!

Slave to the Circ Desk

Yesterday everyone in my town turned in books and so I helped out at the Circulation Desk most of the day. Here is a time lapse video of the last hour of the day. The color looks weird because I used the Cross-Processing filter on You Tube. I also used some random music that they offer, as well.

Also: I need to smile more! And be less squinty-eyed. And my hair is at a jack-ass length right now (Ok, I’ll stop beating myself up now).

moving a library

The past three weeks have been absolutely insane. We moved a library. Imagine moving your house. It is, like, a billion times harder and more stressful than that. I am completely exhausted, frankly. The adrenaline rush is over and I am coming down. There isn’t much to say about it except I am glad it is over. We are in our beautiful new home and are getting settled. I love it. As I mentioned, my desk is right out in the middle of things and I am very busy all day helping people. It’s great! It’s the whole reason why I wanted to be a librarian in the first place. I especially love interacting with the kids after school. I’m very happy. I think I will take some photos tomorrow of our grand opening. Then you will be able to see it in it’s finished state. Here is a gallery of photos of the moving process.