An Ode To Google Maps


You take me on roads I’ve never been on.
When I think I’m lost you guide  me home.
Take me on tours of Paris, New York, and London;
I can tour Central Park when I’m home alone.
You lead me to food when I’m hungry,
And drink when I’m thirsty
You fuel my addiction
When I’m jonesing for coffee.
And when I’m on my next adventure
I know you’ll take me there.
Take me to places I’ve never been.
I’ll follow without a care.


The Poetry 201 assignment was an Ode about a map using metaphor. For some reason I got it in my head to write an ode to Google Maps because I thought it would be funny. This is not the best poem I’ve ever written. But hey. I did it. :) And It even rhymes .

This is a poem for my skin. – a prose poem


This is a poem for my skin

You are the part of me that others see;  the flawed façade that covers what is inside. I manipulate you into what I think you should be but you articulate my hidden stress. I sometimes don’t treat you well: the countless times you’ve blistered in the sun. when I sleep with makeup on, the way I gnaw at my cuticles when I feel withdrawn. But sometimes we take those we love for granted. And I love you, my dear skin. Because imagine what I would be without you? I would be horrifying; bleeding as I walk through the swell of humanity.  
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