One Second A Day – 2014


Here is my One Second A Day video for 2014! What a wonderful year.

I meant to post this last night but doing the final edits took forever and eventually I fell asleep on the couch as I waited for it to upload to Youtube. Raf woke me up at midnight so we could ring in the new year. Typical New Years Eve for us. :)

Here’s to a great 2015. Happy new year, everyone!

Here is my 2013 video and  some info on how I put it together. 

Librarian With A Camera


Yesterday I asked Twitter and Facebook for a tagline. I was trying to come up with something for my photography website that would go with this logo thingy I made.  I forgot to mention that little detail though. But I got the most awesome tag lines ever from my very creative friends.  They all sounded like something from an action flick. So I made a movie trailer.