“What is most surreal thing you’ve ever seen?”


I don’t know. But I can tell you what the most surreal thing I’ve seen this weekend is.

We had an ice storm Saturday and it was crazy weird.  In the evening we heard trees cracking and limbs hitting the ground. Some of them came perilously close to cars in our parking lot.  The sound of the trees limbs cracking off of trees in the night was very surreal

When we woke up everything was encased in ice.


I took out my camera and snapped a few black and white film photos. When I was outside I heard ice and tree limbs crumbling to the ground. It was actually quite terrifying! I shot a video before I went back inside.

Today we are back to rain and all the snow has melted. It was fun and exciting while it lasted.



A Canadian Goose


This is the first Friday in a year that I haven’t posted something from the previous week! And that is because I didn’t take any pictures this week. And I don’t feel bad about that at all. It was nice to not have that chore hanging over my head everyday.

The good news is that the snow is finally melting! I can’t tell you how happy that makes me feel. To quote one of my colleagues, “I’ve never been so happy to see gray slushy snow in my life!” Amen to that! I’ll be so happy to be able to just get out and walk. We haven’t been able to for about three weeks now. I’m sick of feeling claustrophobic.


Here are some photos I took a week ago today when Raf and I went for a walk in our Neighborhood. We were having a snow day and still trying to dig out from under the 24 inches of snow that was dumped on us the day before. This is an intersection. Yeah, the side streets were pretty bad. Still are not the best but better than they were.

Still, when the sun is out, like it is at this moment as I type this, it is pretty. Very pretty, actually.

Since the “Big Dump” last week on Wednesday and Thursday we have gotten more snow. We had pretty significant snowstorms on Sunday and Christmas Eve, each bringing at least 5 inches. Things are supposed to warm up tomorrow and it’s is supposedly supposed to rain or be a really heavy, wet snow. This brings worries about the roof. We have A LOT of snow on our roof. Raf is going out today to buy a special device that you can use to rake snow off the roof.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Mine was surprisingly good, despite the horrific weather. I enjoyed my family time immensely.

The Hood


The Hood

Um. Yeah. We got DUMPED ON. In the past 24 hours 2 feet of snow accumulated. Apparently this is a record. I had to shovel the driveway 4 times yesterday. I went out every 2-3 hours until the snow stopped and each time I went out there had to be at least an inch of snow. Everything closed down yesterday including the library, where I work. The library is closed today, too. I’m kind of relieved because I would have been in charge today and I was worried that I would be the only staff person there! Many of our staff live below the “South Hill” and getting up the hill in this weather is literally impossible. I feel lucky because I don’t have to drive down any side streets to get around. My driveway is right off of a major road that is usually one of the first streets to get plowed in this weather. I just wanted to be sure I could get out of my driveway so that’s why I kept up with the shoveling yesterday.

Here is a picture of my street. I was standing right in front of my house when I took this. You can view some more shots that I took yesterday on Flickr. Check out this one of the planter I forgot to take down this fall!