I am sooo looking forward to my new computer coming. I ordered a new laptop and it should be almost on its way! Yay! I bought a built in wireless networking thingy so that I can use the wireless network here at work. It is going to be so great.

I am also looking for new cars to buy. I think I might just buy a new Toyota Corolla. They are so boring but they are reliable. So I guess I need to go with reliable.




R- and I took a drive up the coast yesterday. It was so rejuvenating. We went to one of our favorite beaches. I don’t know the name of the beach but it is very beautiful. There are lots of rocks jutting up from the ocean. Yesterday the waves were huge! Driving home I felt so full of energy and hope. I felt like I don’t ever want to leave this place. I love living here. As expensive it is and hard to get by, it is so beautiful.