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I am so stressed right now. I should be writing my culminating papers. But, alas, I procrastinate. I am so stressed that it is eating my insides. My stomach is killing me. I think I am doing okay. I started the papers over the weekend and I am not at a loss for anything to write about. I just have to do it.

I applied for a gov docs job at Eastern Washington University of all places. Put my resume in the mail just now. We’ll see what happens. I really never had any intention of moving back to Spokane, but things have a weird way of working out sometimes. It wouldn’t be so bad at all to move back, but I will really miss it here. Raf and I went for the most incredable hike yesterday starting at Wadell creek on the coast. It was absolutely breathtaking.

Some excitment happened yesterday evening for Raf. I dropped him off at Pogonip to go for a run in the evening. It was starting to get dark, which wasn’t very good. He ended up seeing a mountain lion. actually, the mountain lion was getting ready to attack him! He was far enough away to see what was going on and he turned around and sprinted back to the car. That is very scary.

Note from the future 10.20.2011: What in the world was drawing me back to Spokane? Why? On earth? Did I think I wanted to move back?


Another day

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The new car survived a drive over the hill in the rain! I was stuck in traffic for 1 1/2 hours and it totally sucked. but it was nice to be in a new car, at least.

I got my new computer last night. It was kind of interesting. I went online to check the status of the order and noticed that it was actually on its way to my house! So I called R up and told him to stay home until it was delivered. He waited and waited and finally he had to get out of the house. So when he left for a few minutes that’s when the UPS guy came by. It was so irritating. So I had to go through this song and dance to, first of all, talk to a human being. Then I had to talk to someone from the pickup place in Santa Cruz. As it turned out, I had to meet the driver at the UPS garage when he was done for the day, 8:00 to pick up my package. so I go over there and there were all of these guys clocking out and I had to find a UPS driver that wasn’t actually clocked out so that he could officially hand me my package and that I signed for it. It was quite the ordeal.

My computer is really nice. The screen is huge. It’s a little bit heavy. I’ve been trying to get all of my old programs on it. Norton Systemworks is giving me problems. I had install it and uninstall it three times. I don’t even know if it is fully installed because I had to leave for work before I could re-boot.