Return of the King

I saw Return of the King on Christmas day. I loved it. It was like nothing I’ve seen before. Definately the best movie I have ever seen. I may go see it again in the theater. It was that good. It was long, 3 1/2 hours. I know some people felt that was too long. […]

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  A book EVERYONE should read before the next election: Bushwacked: life in George W. Bush’s America by Molly Ivins and Lou Dubose. Here are some things that I learned from reading this book: 1.Don’t each lunch meat or processed meat while a Republican is in the white house. 2.Republicans in general, and Bush especially, […]

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Nickel and Dimed

I just finished a really great book..It’s called Nickel and Dimed: on not getting by in American by Barbara Ehrenriech. It’s really good. A must read for everyone! If you scroll down the page you will notice that the two cities listed as being a popular book are Spokane and Santa Cruz! Isn’t that weird? […]

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