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Op-Ed Columnist: Who’s Nader Now?
I am sick of candidate bashing. I was hoping that we could go through this election without seeing too much of it. I’m talking about the bashing of a fellow democrat. It’s totally ridiculous. You are on the same team! Out for the same purpose! Bashing your fellow party member will only destroy your goal, to get a Democrat in the Oval Office. I like what Wesley Clark said during a debate a few months ago. He was getting trounced on by Kerry and Lieberman for his earlier comments on the Iraq war. Clark simply told them that he wasn’t going to take thier bait. He wasn’t going to put down a fellow democrat. I thought that was very smart of him. I know I am not alone in being sick of political bashing. We need to come together, more than ever, to get Bush out of the white house. The candidates tearing each other down will only ensure that Bush stays.