I repeat: am I missing something?!?

Op-Ed Columnist: Bliss and Bigotry I repeat: am I missing something?!? What does gays or lesbians getting married have ANYTHING to do with anyone’s marriage personally? is it going to weaken the marital bond that I have with my husband? NO! And don’t give me the B.S. that our children’s attitudes about marriage will be […]

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am I missing something here?

  Yahoo! News – Laura Bush Says Gay Marriage ‘Shocking’ I’m sorry, but I feel like I am totally missing something…..What is the problem with gay marriage?!? Why is it so shocking? Why is it shocking that two people who love each other, who are living together and have been partners for 10, 15, 25, […]

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The Butterfly Effect

We went to see the Butterfly Effect yesterday. It wasn’t bad. In fact, It was kind of good. It was entertaining. And what more could you ask for in a movie? I mean, entertainment is the general purpose, right? It got horrible reviews by all of the major newspapers. Boiled down, this is what the […]

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