Am I living in the United States?!?



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Yahoo! News – Bush to Back Gay Marriage Ban Amendment

I was watching the news this morning, waiting to see what the traffic report was going to be when the morning broadcast was rudely interupted by Mr. Bush. And, man oh man, I couldn’t believe what I heard. He made his official statement about amending the Constitution to ban gay marriages. I was watching this, getting more and more angry, wondering what the hell happened to my country. Now we are writing bigotry into the Constitution? What the hell is going on here?!? I really feel the need to write to my Senators and Representatives. However, I think, (I hope) that Boxer and Fienstien have thier wits about them. But then I don’t know. Didn’t they both vote yes for the Patriot Act?

I can’t believe this is happening…It is frightening that Bush wants to alienate a whole group of American citizens. Amending the Constitution to ban gay marriage? Isn’t that a little extreme?!?