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Robert R. Livingston

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frontline: the jesus factor | PBS

Hmm…..This looks interesting. I’ve been listening to the Majority Report and they mentioned this program that is airing tonight.
I’m at work so I am not watching it. But I think I will catch the web stream on Saturday. I think the issue of Bush’s evangelical faith is an important one. I think that he needs to be careful to not mix his faith with the job that he has been given by (less than half) of the American public. Separation of church and state is an important doctrine and one that our Founding Fathers took care to write into our Constitution. Bush, I feel, sometimes allows his faith to overshadow his judgement.

For example, I think that it is frightening that during his press conference a couple of weeks ago he said something like, “freedom is given to us by the Almighty” etc. I just think that, while it is okay to have that belief, he needs to be careful about alienating Americans who don’t believe that Jesus is God. Or who don’t believe in the Almighty, for that matter. And, frankly, Freedom is something we have fought for and have worked for. But that is just my opinion.

Looking forward to watching this.