Well, the SLA vendor love-fest has already begun. today I recieved a nice little package at work. I was kind of surprised because I never get things like this at work. I opened it and it was a little coffee mug and a packet of folgers coffee. It was an insurance information vendor called AB Best. I found it rather interesting that I would get this because I’m a science librarian in an academic library and have no use for insurance information. But oh well.


I had an awesome run this morning. I was running on the beach near my house and I saw a pod (? what’s a group of dolphins) of dolphins swimming around. there was also a sea lion swimming around, too. And, I practially had the beach to myself, which is always nice.

Oh, and my dream house is for sale again. Hmmm maybe I’ll win the lottery.

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Survivor Finale

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Survivor Finale
Alright….I can’t help it. I have to post my opinion about Survivor. First of all, I’m bummed in the first place that Lex got voted off a few weeks ago (I’ve got to root for the hometown guy!). I think what Boston Rob did to him was evil. Rob went to him as a friend and then stabbed him in the back. And Lex was right in saying that what he did to Ethan was different. He didn’t have any deals with Ethan at all. Ethan asked Lex earlier to tell him first if he planned on voting him off and Lex did that. He kept his word. Granted he should not have voted Jerri off. He soooo should have voted Amber off and split up the power couple.

And when Lex got voted off, I have to admit, all that was left was boring people. The game became boring and predictable. I would have loved to see Richard continue on. Richard in the final few episodes would have been brilliant. The way Amber and Rob just played all of those people was sickening. They were so stupid! Why, why why didn’t they break them up!?! Why didn’t anyone break them up? They had so many chances to do it and noone did it!

Anyway, I just had to get it out. I am seriously dissappointed that Amber (& Rob) won. Bo-ring. It was predictable. I would LOVE to see the whole thing replayed. And this time the all stars would do it right : ) ! All of the exciting interesting people got voted off too early.

And I just have to say one more thing about last night’s show. I think the railing that Rob got by Lex and Tom was fitting and he sooooo deserved it.

Micheal Moore’s latest film, Fahrenheit 9/11, has been banned by Disney, it’s distributor. Unbelievable. Well, you know what? It just makes really, really want to go see it. It must be bloody fantastic if it has been banned by Disney.

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Wrecked but so worth it

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I went on a hike yesterday at one of my favorite places. Rancho Del Oso.  It’s about a four mile hike. but two of those miles are uphill. One of those miles goes up a steep grade until you reach the top of a peak that overlooks the ocean and the valley.

This mile getting to the top was sooooo painful for me. I thought I was in better shape but apparently not. It was hot, in the eighties. I should have been wearing shorts and I got overheated. When I reached the top I felta little nauseated.

But really, the walk is worth it. The top of this summit is so zen-like.

it is so quiet and peaceful. There is a mailbox on a tree branch that says “thought mail” and inside there are pads of paper and a pen. The last note that was written was from April 27th, 2004 and it was from some people from Boston who had taken thier infant on her first hike.

The hike, further down below, is equally awesome. The views are outstanding. At one point you look down and can see a farm. It is so idylic.

Walking into the park there is a plaque that reads:

Near this spot, October 20-23, 1769, Don Gaspar De Portola and his land expedition seeing Monterey Bay, camped for three days to rest those sick. Because if thier rapid recovery, Father Cressi (sp) named this valley Canada De La Salud. On December 10. 1774, Father Palou, Returning from the exploration of San Francisco Bay, paused here to offer prayers of thanksgiving for this miracle of restored health. Erected by the California State Society .

And I have to say, when I am there I do feel this sense of renewal. Even before I discovered that this plaque was there I felt it. It is something that I can’t explain.