I feel special

Well, the SLA vendor love-fest has already begun. today I recieved a nice little package at work. I was kind of surprised because I never get things like this at work. I opened it and it was a little coffee mug and a packet of folgers coffee. It was an insurance information vendor called AB […]

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I had an awesome run this morning. I was running on the beach near my house and I saw a pod (? what’s a group of dolphins) of dolphins swimming around. there was also a sea lion swimming around, too. And, I practially had the beach to myself, which is always nice. Oh, and my […]

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Survivor Finale

Survivor Finale Alright….I can’t help it. I have to post my opinion about Survivor. First of all, I’m bummed in the first place that Lex got voted off a few weeks ago (I’ve got to root for the hometown guy!). I think what Boston Rob did to him was evil. Rob went to him as […]

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Wrecked but so worth it

I went on a hike yesterday at one of my favorite places. Rancho Del Oso.  It’s about a four mile hike. but two of those miles are uphill. One of those miles goes up a steep grade until you reach the top of a peak that overlooks the ocean and the valley. This mile getting to […]

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