Bonny Doon Ecological Preserve

In keeping with our recent tradition, we tried out a new hiking spot over the weekend, the Bonny Doon Ecological Preserve. We didn’t have a map and I don’t like not knowing where I am going, but otherwise we had a good hike. Bonny Doon Ecological Preserve is a special place. It is the home […]

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Farenheit 9/11

Well I saw Farenheit 9/11 on Saturday during a matinee. The experience of seeing it on the big screen in Santa Cruz was so cool. It was nice to get out into my community and be around people who feel the same as I do (although, it really isn’t hard to find people who dislike […]

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Thank You, Michael Moore

  t r u t h o u t – Extra: William Rivers Pitt | Thank You, Michael Moore I can’t wait to see Farenheit 911! R and I are going to see it tommorrow during a matinee. I’ll give my opinion of it tommorrow. I have a feeling it will blow my mind. Oh, […]

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