Clinton Book Puts Familiar Foe Back in Conservatives’ Sights


The New York Times > Washington > Clinton Book Puts Familiar Foe Back in Conservatives’ Sights

This just makes me mad. Again, this is sooo typical. I am so sick of conservative talk show hosts and thier hateful, lying ways. And I especially HATE how people get brainwashed by these numbskulls.

This quote in the article sums up my feelings:

“These (conservative) groups are stuck in a time warp. The fact is that people are tired of the political blame game. They want their elected officials to be talking about solutions to their problems. John Kerry’s campaign is focused on laying out an agenda for the American people, and no matter how many commercials these groups buy they won’t get in the way of that effort.”

Yes. Can we please quit bashing each other?!? Yes, we know that Clinton had an affair. Okay. Fine. But please, lets move on. And don’t give me this crap about how Bush has put respectablilty back into the White House. Pl-e-a-se. I don’t think so. Lying about having an affair and lying about reasons for going into a war are like night and day. And frankly, the former is MUCH more disrespectful and deceiptful to the American public.