City installs 100-block WiFi ‘hot zone’

Hoopfest 2008 in Spokane, WA

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MSNBC – City installs 100-block WiFi ‘hot zone’

This is wild! I really had no idea that this was happening in little ‘ole Spokane!

I was sitting in the staff lounge, reading the latest discarded copy of Time Magazine (Oct. 18th) and I happened across a gigantic article (with pictures and everything!) about how Spokane has installed a WiFi zone that covers all of downtown. They hacked it together during Hoopfest, and then just left it on. People started using it more and more and now it has become really quite big. For example, emergency responders are using it, like Firefighters download floorplans to buildings when they are responding to a fire. There’s a picture of a student using her laptop at Riverfront park to access the internet. Very cool.

If you can get your hands on that article, it’s really interesting. I can’t link to it because it’s too old. But the link above will take you to another article on MSNBC.

Who’dve thought my little po-dunk hometown would be so high-tech? I guess I’ve been wrong about Spokane all these years.