Happy Birthday

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Andrew Molera State Park

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Happy Birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birtdhay to my love
Happy Birthday to you!

Yes, today is my hubby’s birthday. He’s 24 😉 today.

We had a fantastic day. I took the day off and we drove down to Big Sur to a little park called Andrew Molera State Park. It was a beautiful, absolutely gorgeous drive down Highway 1, along the coast. Usually it’s foggy and chilly down toward Monterey, but today it was gorgeous! It was around 70 degrees or so, but it felt hotter from the sun reflecting off the ocean. We went for a little hike to the beach.

As we drove back up the coast we stopped along the way to take a picture of the Bixby Bridge, which was made famous by Jack Kerouac in his book Big Sur.


So tommorrow we vote…I don’t think I have to tell you that my vote is going for John Kerry. And I hope he wins in a landslide, although, I wish I could feel more confidant about that. There are lots of people who think he will. I’m just not so sure. I certainly hope he does. And he needs to so that there is absolutely no question.

I will check back in tommorrow. Hopefully Kerry will be the President elect by then.

Have a good evening. I am off to order pizza because that’s what the mister wants for his birthday dinner. Hey, that’s fine with me :). I leave you with this view of the rocky Big Sur coastline:

rocky coast