High Voter Turnout in Bay Area


Yahoo! News – High Voter Turnout in Bay Area

“In some instances, we’ve even had 40 to 50 people waiting in line,” said Elma Rosas of the Santa Clara County Registrar’s Office. “It looks like we may have a large turnout.”

This is incredible….One person I just talked to said she had to wait in line for an hour!!!! That’s totally unprecendented. For me, it wasn’t so busy in Santa Cruz. I did have to wait in line but only for a couple of minutes. It’s exciting that so many people are out there voting and taking part in our democracy.

over the weekend ,on C-span, there was a debate that I watched at Oxford. The were debating who should be the next president of the United States. It kind of hit me…Our vote for president doesn’t just affect the United States, it affects the whole world. Other people in the world (in this case, England) care about our election. They are having debates about it, conversations about it. And we the people of the United States are the ones who are going to determine the outcome of this election. Doesn’t that kind of make you feel powerful? What a privelidge that we Americans hold this in our hands.

I hope that every one of you reading this votes today. You hold the future of America, and the world.

CARE Hostage Faces Transfer to Al-Zarqawi


Yahoo! News – CARE Hostage Faces Transfer to Al-Zarqawi

The kidnappers of aid worker Margaret Hassan threatened to turn her over to al-Qaida-linked militants notorious for beheading hostages unless Britain agreed within 48 hours to pull its troops from Iraq (news – web sites), Al-Jazeera television reported Tuesday.

I was wondering what was going on with Margaret Hassan, and it looks like things are not going well. This is horrible. I hope they release her, but these are stubborn people. What a horrible, horrible, depressing mess.