I just read this post at the blog, Ornicus
. this is why we have to fight. I will not stand by and allow these conservative bastards to spread this hatred. Reading this post really lights a fire under me to continue the fight. I will not allow this bigotry, this utter contempt to be the norm. I will not bow down this this agenda of hate. I will never do it. These people are relentless. If you think there is going to be “bridge-building” you have another thing coming. There will certainly not be any “healing” whatsoever. There will be no attempt at trying to patch up this divide. Not when I am hearing comments from the right like:

Let’s face a hard truth: this was the bitterest Presidential campaign in living memory. The Democrats and their allies staked everything on the defeat of this President. All of the resources they had accumulated over a generation of struggle were thrown into this battle: and they have failed. Despite all of their tricks, despite all of their lies, the people have rejected them. They mean nothing. They are worth nothing. There’s no point in trying to reach out to them because they won’t be reached out to. We’ve got their teeth clutching the sidewalk and out boot above their head. Now’s the time to curb-stomp the bastards. – Adam Yoshida

No, we need to take these bastards down. All of ’em. To quote Ornicus: “heal this

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oh god, it wasn’t all just a bad dream?


Damn. I read this post this morning at Eschaton, and realized how fucked we are. Damn. Damn Damn Damn Damn Damn. Then I read this post at Daffodil Lane. And now I feel better. Daffodil’s right. It’s time to get mobilized. I’m thinking impeachment. I am going to see if I can find out more information on a serious plan to impeach Bush and I will post when I do.

Try to have a good day….