San Francisco Stairway Walk

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Raffa and I went on a “stairway walk” in San Francisco yesterday. Click here to view the pics :). I highly recommend doing this if you ever visit San Francisco. The book is called “Stairway Walks of San Francisco” and it is written by Adah Bakalinsky. Here’s a pic from the walk, just for fun:


Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...

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‘Evangelical Christianity Has Been Hijacked’: An Interview with Tony Campolo–politics faith Democracts gay rights women Falwell —

Well, there’s a difference between evangelical and being a part of the Religious Right. A significant proportion of the evangelical community is part of the Religious Right. My purpose in writing the book was to communicate loud and clear that I felt that evangelical Christianity had been hijacked.

To follow up on yesterday’s post, thankfully there are leaders in the Evangelical community who are still Christians. This is an excellent article. It actually articulates the comments that Dianne so eloquantly expressed on the last post 🙂