UC Berkeley Research Team Sounds ‘Smoke Alarm’ for Florida E-Vote Count

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UC Berkeley Research Team Sounds ‘Smoke Alarm’ for Florida E-Vote Count

Today the University of California’s Berkeley Quantitative Methods Research Team released a statistical study – the sole method available to monitor the accuracy of e- voting – reporting irregularities associated with electronic voting machines may have awarded 130,000-260,000 or more excess votes to President George W. Bush in Florida in the 2004 presidential election. The study shows an unexplained discrepancy between votes for President Bush in counties where electronic voting machines were used versus counties using traditional voting methods – what the team says can be deemed a “smoke alarm.” Discrepancies this large or larger rarely arise by chance – the probability is less than 0.1 percent. The research team formally disclosed results of the study at a press conference today at the UC Berkeley Survey Research Center, where they called on Florida voting officials to investigate.

This is interesting….I hope something comes of it. The news does not look good. Condi Rice is now Secretary of State…Health insurance is going to go down the tubes. We’re fucked.