Happy New Year

We are staying in tonight. It’s still rainy and stormy outside. Plus we are not party people. We ordered pizza and are watching a few movies. I’ve been thinking about my resolutions for next year. I’ve decided that next year I will not use my credit cards, and I will pay off my credit card […]

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Oak Trees

I took this picture while on our walk at Pogonip the other day. I love the old Oak trees in this park. They have this old, ancient, gnarled feel to them.

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Winter in Santa Cruz

  We had a break from the torrential rain and went for a little walk to the beach. I wanted to get a picture of the rather large waves at Seabright. In the background is the Wharf, and Westside Santa Cruz. The rain started again not long after I took this picture. We are getting […]

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Tsunami Could Hit West Coast

Yahoo! News – Scientists: Tsunami Could Hit West Coast Experts say the West Coast could experience a calamity similar to the one they have been watching unfold half a world away. “People need to know it could happen,” said geologist Brian Atwater of the U.S. Geological Survey. I’ve been horrified by the tsunamis in Asia. […]

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