stairway to the pacific ocean

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Raf and I went to go for a hike at the same place where we had that little incident with the elderly woman, Garrapata State Park, in Big Sur. We started to take the same trail, but the creek was just too high for me to cross (I’m a wimp). So we took another trail that took us straight up about a mile. It was hella steep. And it was all in the sun. But it faced the ocean and the view was incredible. We were able to see some whales spouting a few times. It was cool. But the hike up made me really cranky and I couldn’t make it up to the top of the peak. I’m severely afraid of heights and the trail reached a point when it was a little hairy. So we turned around. I feel bad, but oh well. Maybe next time I’ll feel more confident.

Across highway 1 is where I took this pic. There are some trails that wind around above the rocky cliffs. It’s so beautiful. I took a bunch of pics so I will use them for my pics of the day in the next few days :).