When a stranger calls.


Hmmmm. When I came home from work at about 6:30 Raffa came outside to tell me that the strange man came back at about 5:40. Our upstairs neighboor was the one who saw him. She said that he mumbled something about “Julie has his things” and then he stared toward our door. Our neighboor was very disturbed by him and told him to leave or she would call the cops. He left…

We called the sheriff again. They said they would put more people on patrol in our area.

A strange night

Alfred Hitchcock directing Family Plot inside ...

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I had a really weird and scary experience last night. At around 1:30 am I awoke to a knocking sound. I thought I was dreaming, and it kind of took me awhile to figure out what the sound was. It was this “tap tap tap” in intervals. I realized that someone was tapping on our bedroom window! I woke Raffa up and told him “I think someone is knocking on our window.” and then I turned to look at the window, and, sure enough, I could see the sillouette of someone’s head through the blinds. Both of us really woke up at this point. I mean the adrenaline started pumping….I was freaked! Raf opened up the blinds and said, “Dude what are you doing!?!” I couldn’t see the person at all because of the condensation on our window….The guys asked for, we think, someone named George. Raf said, “No…Go Away!”. And the guy kept mumbling for awhile and Raf kept yelling at him to go away. Finally he did. He didn’t go to anyone elses window, he just turned around and walked through the parking lot.

Well, I was freaked out. We immediately got up, and I locked our sliding glass door. I had these visions that he would climb the fence into our back yard and break in through the back door. Our sliding glass door doesn’t lock very easily, so it took me awhile to get that situated. Then we called the sheriff’s non-emergency number and told them what happend. (We should have done that first). The police came almost instantly. I was impressed! The searched around our apartment and our back yard.

So we went back to bed and kind of just laid there for awhile. After awhile we heard our neighboor’s door open and close. Raf got up to look through the peephole in our door and saw that she was leaving her apartment (It was 2 am at this point). She gets around in a wheelchair apparently (She just moved in last week and we haven’t met her yet). It was very strange. I felt like I was in a Hitchcock movie or something.

It’s weird how one small thing can threaten your safety, or your illusion of safety.

Today I am so tired and cranky. And still really freaked out about the whole thing. I hope it doesn’t happen again.