1 in 3 teens says First Amendment goes ‘too far’


HoustonChronicle.com – 1 in 3 teens says First Amendment goes ‘too far’

It turns out the First Amendment is a second-rate issue to many of those nearing their own adult independence, according to a study of high school attitudes released today.

This totally blows me away. How could we, as a nation, somehow allow young people to think that the First Amendment “goes too far”?!?! This is frightening! Remember that these are the people who will run our country some day….

Millennials Rising : The Next Great Generation (Vintage) Tuesday of last week I went to a discussion of the book, Millenials Rising. I hadn’t read the book, but went to the discussion anyway. The book is about the Millenial Generation and the author argues that the Millenials will be the “next great generation.” Whether or not they will be the next great generation remains to be seen (I work with them and they have a LOT to learn, let me tell you). Our discussion, which included people from all generations, centered on some of the things that define the Millenials. These are the kids who grew up being shuffled from play date to soccer practice, etc. Thier lives have been strictly schedule for them all of thier lives. They also have a really good sense of team work. I guess because it’s been drummed into them in school all of thier lives (I’m not an elemenary school teacher and can’t vouch for what is being taught). But they are very much the opposite of my generation (X) who is very much “individual” centered. One of the professors brought this “team” issue up and mentioned that they could accomplish great things with this or they could become “Hitler’s Youth” (his quote). The thing that will determine this is the leadership that they have. I thought that these were some interesting points.

I’m not really sure if I buy the “generations” theory, but it does raise some interesting issues. Food for thought, if you will. I might read the book at some point.