The wierdness continues


Strange happenings are going on at my apartment, as I’ve written about before. Well, it continues.

This morning I got up at my usual time, around 5:30ish (well, maybe it was more like 5:45) and went into the living room to do my excercise tape that I do every morning. When I went in there I heard a man ranting and raving and knocking on our neighboors door (just outside our door). I kind of listened for a moment, not really sure what to do. From where I was I couldn’t hear exactly what he was saying, I just could hear him ranting and knocking on the door. Then I went into my kitchen to turn on the light. We share our kitchen wall with our neighboor’s wall. When I went in there I could really hear what the guy was saying. And at this point he was getting more aggressive. He was kicking the door (I think) and saying things like “I’m gonna kill you bitch!” and calling her other bad names. I could hear her in her apartment yelling, “No!” (as in “I’m not letting you in”). I didn’t need to hear anything else. I woke Raf up and picked up the phone and called 911. Raf looked through the peephole and gave me a description which I relayed back to the operator. (for some reason, the whole time, I was afraid to look through to peephole to see what was going on…) The operator said someone else called and she would dispatch someone. The police came and knocked on her door. She didn’t open her door! She didn’t even respond to the police! I was kind of mad at this. Except I hope she isn’t hurt or something and can’t come to the door. I don’t know. If she was yelling at the guy to go away she could have at least yelled at the police through the door. We opened our door to tell the police that we were the ones who called and he said, “I know” and pointed upstairs as if to say the neighboor upstairs called, too.”

So we called our landlord to tell her want was going on and she called back to tell us that she is giving her a 30 day notice. She is “in violation of thier agreement.” whatever that means…

In a way I feel bad because she is in a wheelchair and she just moved in a month ago. Now she has to move out again. But at the same time she is attracting really strange and disturbed people to our complex. In a way, I’m a little worried about her, too, even though I don’t know her very well. I mean, she is obviously in danger. This guy was really sketchy.

The drama of it all. ugh!