Dawn of the Dead – the remake

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Dawn of the Dead (2004 film)

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I’ve been meaning to post on this all week but haven’t had a chance. Plus, I can’t get the handy Amazon plugin that I had in the earlier version of WordPress to work.

Anyway, I just saw Dawn of the Dead Saturday night and I have to say that it is a surprisingly great movie! I like movies of the horror genre, but sometimes they can be really boring and predictable. For example, the first Halloween was great, but then all of the others sucked. I hated all of the Jason movies. I thought they were really boring. Nightmare on Elm Street – the first one, was good. Again the rest were boring. Of course, one of my favorite movies of all time is the mother of all horror flicks, Psycho. The remake of Dawn of the Dead was great. It had one ending, which is really unpredictable for a horror film. Usually they end at least five times. This one had one ending and you were left thinking, “hmm, that was a good way to end the movie”. But the really interesting part was the ending credits of the film. You can’t miss them if you watch the film. If you miss them then you miss out on what happens to the group of “survivors.” I thought what the director did with the ending credits was very clever.

If you like horror flicks, I highly recommend this film. It won’t disappoint!

More on “the neighboor”


Well, I don’t know if I feel so bad about our neighboor getting kicked out now….

When I got home from work Raf told me that our landlord called and told him to put in writing all of the problems that we had with our neighbor and her psycho friends. She told him that it’s going to be very difficult to get her out of there because she is wheelchair bound. I guess the reason our landlord was going to kick her out in the first place is because she has two other poeple living there (apparently the to crazy guys that we have had to endure) and it violates the contract she signed. She is using the fact that she is in a wheel chair to force our landlord into having her stay there. So now I have to deal with running into this violent guy who knows that we called 911 on him. great.

The good news is that, since we are putting all of this in writing, if they do anything else then our landlord can give them a three day notice and by law they have to leave. I guess. That’s what she says, anyway. I sooo want these people to leave. I can’t live next to this situation. It sucks.