Court Rules California Cannot Ban Gay Marriages

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Yahoo! News – Court Rules California Cannot Ban Gay Marriages

In a victory for gay rights groups, a California Superior Court judge ruled on Monday that the state’s voter-approved ban on homosexual marriage is unconstitutional.

Thought I’d crawl out of my hole to post this article I just saw on Yahoo News. This is fantastic news, indeed! I remember when this went on the ballot a few years ago (the law that made marraige between a man and a woman only). Of course I voted against it. I couldn’t believe it when it overwhelmingly passed. I think Santa Cruz and San Francisco counties were, like, the only counties in Califoria that voted no on the ballot measure. Or something like that. I remember being shocked by the amount of people who voted yes. Disgusted, really. It’s hard to believe that people are so bigoted. But they are. Yes, California can be a red state, too.