house and condo prices continue to climb

Small Single-family home

Image via Wikipedia | 03/17/2005 | Valley house and condo prices continue to climb

For all those waiting for a home-price “bubble” to explode: It hasn’t happened yet.

The median price of Bay Area houses that sold in February was nearly 20 percent higher than it was a year earlier, reaching a new record of $569,000 paid for resale single-family houses.

Un-fricken-believable. How the hell did I end up in the most expensive place to live in America?!? The article states that even the price of condos are up, now up to over $400,000.00. Can you believe that? How on earth can anyone afford these prices? I certainly can’t. And it sucks. It sucks because I have worked my ass off to get to where I am today professionally. I have finished school. I have earned my dues. I am making a salary that I always thought, all of my life, was a good, decent salary. Granted, I’m not rolling in dough or anything, but I always thought I would, AT THE VERY LEAST, be able to afford to buy a house. The American Dream. Apparently, the American Dream doesn’t exist for me, as long as I’m living here in the Bay Area.

My mom has been looking for houses in Spokane. The average price? around $120,000. Some have even been UNDER $100,000. That is sheer craziness.

I so need to get the hell out of Dodge.