A Blow to the Rule of Law


The New York Times > Opinion > Editorial: A Blow to the Rule of Law

Republicans have traditionally championed respect for the delicate balance the founders created. But in the Schiavo case, and in the battle to stop the Democratic filibusters of judicial nominations, President Bush and his Congressional allies have begun to enunciate a new principle: the rules of government are worth respecting only if they produce the result we want. It may be a formula for short-term political success, but it is no way to preserve and protect a great republic.

This is an excellent opinion piece in the NYT. What Bush and his Repug minions in Congress did is utterly dispicable. It’s un-American.

Thank God the federal Judge didn’t bow to the Bush administration in this case! Thank God there are still people in this country who believe in democracy. This is not a fucking dictatorship Mr. Bush. Thank God this is still a democracy.