The banning of books

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The Color Purple by Alice Walker

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This is unbelievable. A Republican legislator in Alabama wants to ban all books from public school ibraries that have anything to do with gays, whether they be written by them, or about them. As pointed out in the article:

Books by any gay author would have to go: Tennessee Williams, Truman Capote and Gore Vidal. Alice Walker’s novel “The Color Purple” has lesbian characters.

Crazy! This is just crazy. Some of the best authors of the 20th century banned because of their lifestyle. I don’t even know what to say. Stunned again by those vile nutjobs.

In February 2005, President George W. Bush urg...

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Deroy Murdock on Patriot Act on National Review Online

These dangerously naive or clandestinely seditious librarians are beyond foolish. They potentially jeopardize the lives of American citizens.

This pisses me off. This pisses me off beyond belief. Listen, Dickwad, it’s librarians who are protecting your right to privacy! Bush certainly doesn’t give a rat’s ass about it! Good lord! don’t these people care about thier own civil rights?!?

I’m with Cara. We need to “take this fuckwad down.” Don’t mess with librarians. I swear to God.

They are subversive


Textbook case of discipline viewed with praise, criticism


Southpinellas: Textbook case of discipline viewed with praise, criticism

At Fairmount Park on March 14, the girl swung several times at assistant principal Nicole Dibenedetto and teacher Patti Tsaousis. She created a mess wherever she went and generally refused to cooperate. She eventually was handcuffed by St. Petersburg police, who were called to the school.

I found this story via AmericaBlog. I watched the videos. It raised some interesting questions in me. At first, as I was watching I thought, “this is typical. Kids do this. What’s the big deal?” I mean, granted, it’s horrible behavior, but the kid is five years old. I was a nanny and, believe me, I experienced far worse behavior from the children I have taken care of.

At the end of the video the police come and handcuff her. Hmmmm. I do kind of think that was excessive. But on the other hand, when the little girl saw the police were there she sat down in the chair and stopped being a menace.

I guess there are some people, after watching it, asking why corporeal punishment wasn’t used. I don’t know. I really think corporeal punishment should be something the parent does and not anybody else. But maybe I would feel differently if I actually had children, and they acted that horribly and disrespectfully.

Interesting, though. Gives me a little food for thought.

More pope thoughts

Pope Benedictus XVI

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The Rude Pundit has some really good commentary on the election of the new pope, and how it will further the seperation between Roman Catholicism and American Catholicism. Funny as always, but a bit more restrianed than usual.

Also, Father L, president of SCU, emailed campus yesterday saying that they were going to have a mass this week to

“to pray for the new Pope and the Church in the modern world * to ask the continued guidance of the Holy Spirit as the Church moves into this new era of papal leadership.”

I thought that was kind of an interesting statement.

I don’t know why I keep talking about the Pope. Well, maybe it’s because I’m Catholic. Not practicing, it’s more of a family heritage thing. I lost respect for the Catholic Church as an institution through the recent years. And this election really doesn’t help. I was really dissappointed that they didn’t elect someone from outside of Europe. But oh well.