I’m ba-ack!


Well, the site has been moved. Had a bit of rockiness there for a couple of days but everything turned out okay. Let’s hope all stays well.

There were a few comments that were posted on the Teri Schiavo case that weren’t there when I downloaded my database files, so I just went ahead and entered the info in by hand since I have copies of all of my comments via e-mail. They may not be in the order entered.

I’ve been re-reading some of my replies and posts regarding this issue. My, I’ve been rather cranky these past few weeks, haven’t I? This issue stirred something up in me and I aplogize if I’ve said anything offensive. Well, except for that guy who wanted to “pull the plug” on me. That guy deserved my rant.

I’m kind of surprised at all of the comments I’ve recieved. I’m not sure how you all are finding my site, or even if you are reading this now, but thanks for visiting and leaving your 2cents. I do appreciate your opinion. I might vehemently disagree, but we are all entitled to our opinion.

Teri Schiavo has passed on. I am glad that she has moved on to a better place. We should all be happy about that. This is what she wanted, and I am glad that her wishes were finally respected in the end. Because that, really is what matters.

I mentioned this in the comment section but I will repeat it here. I think the real issue here is that Congress got involved. They overstepped thier boundaries. That is very scary. This cannot happen again.