Look at what some of our wonderful neo-con friends are sporting on thier trucks:


To make matters worse, this photo was, apparently, found at a truck parked at a Gay Pride parade.

I found this on the blog Ornicus. He has an excellent post on the danger of this kind of violent “joke”. From his post:

We may comfort ourselves with the easy dismissal of such “jokes” as mere crude humor. But they are a signal of something much deeper, and much more dangerous.

Greatest American

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3. Martin Luther King, Jr., a civil rights act...

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AOL Television: Greatest American

have you been watching this show? I watched it last week when I was in Spokane. Bush was in the running at that time, and so was Clinton. It looks like they are out of the race now. It’s down to 5 people:

  1. Ben Franklin
  2. Martin Luther King Jr.
  3. Abraham Lincoln
  4. Ronald Reagan
  5. George Washington

how Reagan made it to the top five, I don’t know. But it’s sickening. I heard that there is a push in the Neocon blogging community to make Reagan the winner. Ugh. Please go vote. and vote 3 times. For someone, anyone, other than Reagan. All of the other cadidates are deserving to be there, IMHO. But for the record, I voted for good old, George Washington.

Fascist Nation


According to Americablog, the White House was behind Rove’s atrocious statement wednesday evening. Check out the republican Talking points that were published yesterday regarding Democrat’s outrage over Rove’s statements. They are calling it “Faux outrage”. oh man. I’m pissed. And this is not Faux anger. They had better not get away with this. The Dems in charge in congress had better stand up to these bullies. No more rolling over. That is it. This neocon, fascist administration is evil. If it is true that these comments by Rove are part of a planned attack (and it would not surprise me in the least if they were, this is how Rove operates), then our country is truly, truly skating on thin ice toward blatent, outright fascism. This isn’t some silly neocon blogger making these divisive statements. This is the Executive Office of the United States. This is scary.