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Wow! it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. I’m officially back to work today. I’ve been super busy, as you could imagine, catching up on e-mail and whatnot.

Last week was quite the newsy week wasn’t it? I was shocked to find out that Michael Jackson was aquitted. Well, actually I wasn’t shocked. In reality I wasn’t surprised at all. I guess if you are rich and famous you can get away with anything.

On the day Jackson was aquitted, there were some newsy things that happened locally in Spokane.

In the morning we turned on the news and apparently someone got shot in the head at the Walmart not very far from where my mom lives. Probably about 5 miles. They were saying that the suspects were headed east down Wellesley, the main artillery a block away from her house. In other words, they were headed in the direction of my mom’s house. Needless to say, I was feeling kind of uncomfortable while these people were on the loose. They eventually caught the guys. And the guy that got shot in the head died.

That very same day a Spokane judge ordered that the citizens of Spokane could go forward with the recall of mayor Jim West. So that was good news for the community. They need to get the required amount of signatures, but I don’t think there will be a problem. Both the wingnuts and the reality based community want him gone. Actual agreement between the two groups! can you believe it? Except the wingnuts have the most bigoted reasoning ever.

On a more personal note, I helped my mom move into a new house! While I was there they closed and got the key, so I was able to see the inside and help them move some boxes. It is a really nice house. I’m so happy for them. Brand new everything. The Basement is even finished with a bar and space molded into the wall for a big screen t.v. Plus, there is a giganitic shop behind the yard for my step-dad to tinker in. I joked with my mom that she may never see my step-dad again :lol:.

There is some other good news, too! but I will reveal more in the coming days. I can’t talk about it publically just yet. But soon.