From Filmmaker in Los Angeles to Iraq Detainee – New York Times


From Filmmaker in Los Angeles to Iraq Detainee – New York Times

Mr. Kar, the son of an Iranian physician, came to the United States when he was 2 and was raised partly in Utah and Washington State, where he played high school football. He attended college in California, received a master’s degree in technology management from Pepperdine University, worked for years in Silicon Valley and served in the United States Navy and the Naval Reserve.

Nonetheless, Mr. Kar’s relatives and their lawyers said they had been utterly stymied in trying to learn his fate despite repeated inquires at the Defense Department, the Justice Department, the State Department, the allied forces in Iraq and the offices of two United States senators.

This horrible! American Citizens are being held as prisoners without a trial. Unbelievable.

Yet, as I write those words, I am not surprised. I’m not even really outraged. Actually, I feel numb. I feel cynical because nothing is going to be done about it. This American Citizen is going to rot in jail and nothing is going to be done. Bushco is going to go on, treating Iranian-Americans like this in the name of fighting terrorism.

It is so frustrating.