White House expresses confidence in top Bush aide – Yahoo! News

The White House broke its silence and said on Tuesday that President Bush continued to have confidence in his top political adviser, Karl Rove, despite his involvement in a scandal over the leak of the identity of a CIA agent.

So Rove is going to walk, if Bush has his way. Bush is a friggen criminal, too. I’m so tired of this corrupt administration. I’m tired of this “stick together no matter what” mentality of the Republican party. We have a person who committed a felony, risking the security of a CIA agent, and possibly thwarting an important mission, at the side of the President, and the Repugs are sticking by him, for the sake of partisan politics. Just because he is a republican, they are going to allow him to get away with this. Aren’t they getting sick, yet, of associating with this corruption?