Neocon talking points on Rove

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As Mandrake points out, the Republicans have thier official talking points out regarding Karl Rove on Raw Story.

Here are a couple of highlights:

  • “Once again, Democrats are engaging in blatent political attacks”
  • “Karl Rove discouraged a reporter from writing a false story based on a false premise” (this one enrages me. Making the traitor out to be a “hero..”)

Following the bulleted list the is (practically) a dissertation that goes on, essentially, to smear Wilson.

I am sick to my stomach. Do these people have no shame? They actually think treasonous behavior is okay? The fact of the matter is that Rove leaked the name of a CIA agent to the press, revealing her identity to the public. That is a crime. Do you want to read the United States Code that specifically states that this is a crime? Here it is. Rove committed a federal crime. He needs to pay for that. The sooner the Republican party realizes this, the better we will be. Now is not the time for partisan politics. Now is the time to send to jail a dispicable, evil man who has committed a federal offense. And now is the time to investigate the Bush administration to see how involved this administration was in this affair. This is serious shit. This is not a blow job. This is treason. I, as an American Citizen, want to know how involved the President is in all of this.

Since Rove is Bush’s right hand man, it is my inclination to believe that Bush is very involved.

I swear, if Rove gets away with this, and if Bush isn’t investigated for this….we, as a nation have got to do something. I’m tired of just sitting back and writing about it. we need to take back our friggen country! It is being held hostage by criminals!

me looking at myself in the mirror


This photo was an accident, actually. I was trying to take a picture in my bathroom mirror of me wearing this poncho thing that I had just finished knitting for my knitting blog. I kind of liked the perspective of this picture…So thought I’d share it.

I know I should be taking pictures of stuff around Santa Cruz and Santa Clara since I’m leaving very soon :sad:. I think I will really try to do that and post more pictures in the next couple of weeks.