This was kind of an interesting discovery at Bonny Doon. As I mentioned the hills are made of sandstone, and from my earlier photo, you can see that it is easy for people to carve graffitti into the rock. Another thing that has been done is carve these ridges into the rock to make it easier to get down off of the hills. The sandstone is very grippy, so one doesn’t slide down all that much, but on the steeper inclines these gooves have been carved so people can put their feet in them and, sort of, slide down.

Note from the future 10/19/2012: wow! Did I pull this explanation out of my ass, or what? Ha! It is kind of hilarious to read this many years later. A REAL geologist corrected me via the contact form and said this about the grooves:

I stumbled across your site looking for photos of where I live in Bonny Doon California. I saw the very nice pictures of the Moon Rocks you took.

Being a geologist, I could not resist pointing out that the grooves in the rock were(are) formed by water erosion not carved into by people for better footing.

Just though you would like to know.

Thank you for setting me straight! 🙂

Elizabeth Dole writes letters.


I found this post, written by Pam on Big Brass Blog. She posts a letter that she received from Elizabeth dole. I’m just going to post the whole thing below:

Monday July 18, 2005

What the Karl Rove Issue Is Really About

Dear Friend,

The attacks from certain members of the Democratic Party against Karl Rove this week have been an absolute disgrace. This is an attempt at personal destruction and political opportunism at its very worst-it is downright shameless.

It has been reported that the liberal extremist group has been giving the Democratic leadership direction over the last several months. It comes as no surprise that was the first to call for Karl Rove’s resignation this week.

But for members of Congress to take part in this smear campaign, that’s an entirely different and truly unfortunate matter altogether. The Democratic leadership even brought the political attack against Mr. Rove to the floor of the United States Senate on Thursday by offering an amendment to the Homeland Security Appropriations bill that would strip his security clearance. Strip his security clearance based on what, hearsay? What an absolute sham!

This excerpt from a statement from Mr. Rove’s attorney, Robert Luskin, should help demonstrate why the Democrats are so completely and utterly off base in their political antics:

“Rove has cooperated completely with the special prosecutor, and he has been repeatedly assured he is not a target of the investigation. Rove has done nothing wrong. We’re confident that he will not become a target after the special prosecutor has reviewed all evidence.”

Majority Leader Bill Frist summed it up quite well in saying, “this is a sad and disappointing afternoon here in the United States Senate.”

Based on the information at their disposal, the Democrats have taken reckless partisan attacks to a new level. The Democratic Party leadership is in disarray and they are desperate-attacking has become their modus operandi. They have personally attacked the President’s well qualified judicial nominees. They have attacked every single plan that is put forth to address saving Social Security. Howard Dean personally attacked the Republican Party, saying its members have not worked an honest day in their lives. And the Minority Leader Harry Reid personally attacked the President of the United States by calling him a loser and a liar. The Democratic leadership has guided the Party into an abyss-no new ideas, no agenda, just negativity.

Below are some quotes from Senate Democrats that fully acknowledge the points that I am making and should serve as a reminder why it is so important to support the Republican Majority in the United States Senate.

With warmest best wishes,

Elizabeth Dole

This enrages me. How dare they make this a partisan issue!!!! How dare they make Rove out to be the victim! How dare they attempt to bully our Democratic Senators when they raised thier voices on this issue on the Senate floor, where the issue SHOULD be raised, if anything to get it into the Congressional Record, so future generations will know about the extent of this. This is exactly why I was angry when I watched Mehlman on Meet the Press. THIS IS NOT A PARTISAN ISSUE! Got it? This is something EVERYONE needs to be concerned about. Rove’s lawyer has admitted that he did this. This is not a smear campaign. Rove is smearing himself just fine as it is. I seriously don’t know how the Republicans can sleep at night. This is so unbelievably unethical, and I can’t stand it!

And another thing, what is it with this republican tactic of making the bully out to be the victim? Because I personally know some republicans in my own personal life who do this very thing. They try to bully the liberal in one way or another, and then when the liberal stands up for him/herself, they cower in the corner and say that they have been victimized by the person they were bullying! I HATE that! Why do they do that?!? Why?!?