Not surprised at all


Bush Urges ‘Timely’ Hearing; Democrats Promise Scrutiny – New York Times

“Sandra Day O’Connor broke barriers as the first woman on the Supreme Court, where she cast decisive votes to preserve and expand rights for women and to eliminate sex discrimination,” the NOW president, Kim Gandy said in the statement. “George Bush could have chosen a moderate conservative who would be a voice of reason on the Court. Instead he chose, characteristically, to pick a fight. We intend to give him one.”

I am so disappointed on so many levels. But not surprised.

At the very least, I am really bummed that he replaced the first woman on the Supreme Court with a man, and a man who, apparently does not believe in a women’s rights to make choices about her own body.

I don’t know. Today I feel exhausted about all of this. It just keeps getting worse and worse, doesn’t it? Damn.