Dragonflies and first days

Life, Photography

Took this picture of a little dragon fly while at Skookum lake (I love the way that’s spelled…) the other day. pretty, eh?

Today was my first day at work! It was great! a little overwhelming, but really great. I think I’m going to like it a lot. I love the people that I met today. All very nice. A bit quiet, but library types tend to be that way. Hell, I tend to be that way, too 🙂 .

One quircky little thing is that I have my own cubicle space but not my own computer. I share with the other reference staff in the reference workroom. I’m not really sure if this is good or bad. Definately no personal computing at work for me. I don’t think I will have the time, anyway, because I think this job will be busy. Which is good. I like busy. But I’m not sure how this is going to affect my blogging. Probably not as much of it, or more posts like this one. We’ll have to see. I might bring my laptop to work and just use it, as I will be working in two different branches. I might even invest in an ibook or something…

I love working downtown. It’s close to where I live so I could walk if I wanted to. There is a gigantic hill on the walk back, but, nevertheless. A built in “buns of steel” workout perhaps? 😆