so sad


Bodies, gunfire and chaos in New Orleans’ streets – Yahoo! News

Rotting bodies littered the flooded streets of New Orleans on Thursday and escalating violence threatened all-out anarchy as thousands of survivors of Hurricane Katrina pleaded to be evacuated, or even just fed.

The historic jazz city has fallen prey to armed looters since Katrina tore through and it now more closely resembles Haiti or another Third World trouble spot in a refugee crisis than one of America’s most popular vacation centers.

I’m so saddened by this. I can’t believe how bad things have gotten down there. Why is nothing being done to help these poor people!?! where are the rescue crews? WTF?!?

I read an article today about how they can’t find Fats Domino. But am relieved to find out that they rescued him and he is okay.

God help the people of New Orleans.