it’s been too long


Bush sends 7,000 troops for Katrina relief – Yahoo! News

acknowledging the initial federal relief effort for Hurricane Katrina was unacceptable, said on Saturday he will send 7,000 additional troops to storm-ravaged region.

No shit! It took him five days to tour the site! Five days! Five days to get his ass in gear and get food and water and help to these people. In the meantime, people are dead and dying.

This is what is most appalling to me. His lack of response and lack of leadership. It’s sickening! Utterly sickening! Five days is too late! He should have been there and doing these things the day the hurricane hit New Orleans. This is unacceptable!

And then to find out that he has been steadily cutting funding that would go to prevent this disaster in the event of a hurricane. Unbelievable.

I was listening to Air America just now and just got incensed after listening to a republican call in. He stated that the hurricane is being blamed on Bush and that the show’s hosts were not respecting the office of the presidency.

Hey, you neocon numbskulls, nobody is blaming the hurricane on the president. Clean out your ears. The hurricane is one thing. And, yes, it was bad and people died. Of course we can’t blame Katrina itself on the President (duh!). It is his lack of response that is appalling. And if you idiots can’t see that, you are in bad shape.

And then I’v heard that some of these fox news pundits are blaming the vicitms. Blaming the victims! They should have gotten out of there faster. They should have evacuated when they had the chance. God. Of all the soulless things to say. Do they not realize that some of these people tried to get out but the traffic was too much? so they went to the Superdome which they were instructed to do. Some of them are poor and don’t even have cars. So for them to blame them for not getting out fast enough is sick and soulless.

There is one more thing I want to rant about. I heard somebody on the radio make the point that he doesn’t like the idea of the executive vacation. I have to agree. If you are voted in as president, you don’t get to have a vacation. Your in that job for four years, 8 years at the most, you can suspend your vacations while you are president. Your job is to lead, and you can’t lead while you are on vacation. Apparently.

That is all I have to say for today. Or at least right now.