vegetarianism revisited

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Menu of Dick's Hamburgers at Spokane, WA

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This post at the Tattered Coat is very thought provoking. Stomach-churning, yes, but also very thought provoking. Especially for me as I’ve been contemplating going vegetarian lately. Again.

Since I’ve moved back to Spokane I’ve fallen into the clutches of The Belly Buster, a Zip’s Hamburger classic. I was able to cut myself off from fast food for, what was it? 10 years? And now that I’ve moved close to Zips I’ve caved. Fallen off the wagon. But how could I not? Zip’s Belly Busters inlude the artery clogging combination of a meat patty, cheese, ham, bacon, and your standard hamburger condiments like lettuce, tomato, mayo. And this delicious burger is followed by thier delectible fries dipped in Tartar sauce. Yes, in Spokane we dip our fries in tartar sauce. yummy!

But, unfortunately, I am not 20-something anymore and cannot eat Belly Busters to my heart’s content like the good old days. sigh. I’ve probably gained at least five pounds since I’ve moved here. I’m afraid to even step on the scale.

Sooo, this leads me to my desire lately to change my ways. I’ve been considering vegetarianism again, and I’m also considering taking up Yoga, too. I feel like my whole psyche just needs a change.

Not saying I’m going to take the plunge, but it’s posts like this one from Tattered Coat that make me consider it.