I have to say, I’ve really been enjoying Fall this year. I’m really experiencing a true fall! It’s so beautiful. It’s so pretty to watch the leaves blow around in the wind.

I’ve been dying to get out and take some pictures of the beautiful colors I’ve been seeing in my neighborhood. I finally was able to get out and walk around a bit today and I brought my camera. The picture above was taken at Cannon Hill Park. I will post some more pictures later this week.

Addendum to my last post

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Journey - Greatest HitsWow, this is weird. I am at the iTunes music store to download some more music. Listening to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” has put me in a nostalgic mood for songs from junior high (I was wrong last night..that journey album was popular when I was in 8th grade, not high school). Sooo, I went to iTunes to download a litte Def Leppard..I’m thinking “Rock of Ages.” Guess what song is today’s top 6 song for rock? Journey’s “Don’t stop Believin.”

Weird. I wonder why?


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MonsterI’m, right now, watching the film “Monster” for the first time. (One of the things that is nice about working at a public library is the DVD checkout, hee hee!). I can’t friggen believe this is Charlize Theron playing the lead role! She is amazing in this movie! Totally deserved the academy award for best actress. And I’ve only watched about 23 minutes of the film so far.

I took a break from watching it because I had the urge to download Journey’s “Don’t stop believin” after they played it in the roller skating rink scene. dude. That song brings back soooo many high school memories.

The Amber Spyglass

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The Amber Spyglass (His Dark Materials, Book 3)I just finished “The Amber Spyglass” today during my lunch break. sigh. I love the “His Dark Materials” trilogy and am sorry that I’m finished reading it. Listening to it was such a wonderful experience. It was narrated by Pullman himself, with help from a huge cast of characters. I highly recommeded the audiobook. I downloaded mine from