Advice for the President

Random – Your e-mails: Advice for the president – Nov 2, 2005

I was reading this CNN article, curious as to what kind of advice people would give, and I ran across this little gem:

None. I think he is doing a wonderful job and smiling the entire way. Who protected our country after September 11? Who protects our country today? I think the Democrats should look at their own party that is where the problems lie. There is nothing they can do to discourage our party. Nothing. We are all smiling.
Berenice Milligan, Louisville, Kentucky

Isn’t this just the picture of a kool-aid drinking neocon? How on earth could anyone at this point think that Bush is doing a great job? I’m sorry, but you have to be just utterly brainwashed to believe this nonsense at this point. This belief just totally and completely boggles my mind.

I’m hearing people finally waking up to the reality of the situation, and it’s very good. The other day, a caller called in to, I think, the Ed Schulz show and laid out the whole situation with Bush. He said something like, “So Bush manufactured evidence for going into war with Iraq, and lied to the American people about it. Why are we talking about who is going to be the next Supreme Court nominee? Why aren’t we drawing up articles of impeachment right now?” I have been thinking this very thing for 3 years now! It’s very refreshing that people are finally waking up! Let’s hope more of them do.