I am running into some interesting characters, working in a public library. For example, just now we had to tell a patron at the listening station that he had to turn down the volume on the machine. We could hear Brittney Spears through the headphones. The guy was really nice about turning the music down, but then he said that when he listens to music it is transmitted to the whole world.



Diary of a Fairy Godmother

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Diary of a Fairy Godmotherdiary of a Fairy Godmother by Esme Raji Codell. I listened to the audio version of this book and thought it was highly entertaining. The reader was really good. The story itself was excellent. One of the best juvenile fiction stories I’ve read in awhile. It’s about a young witch who realizes that she likes to grant wishes. This mortifies her family and friends, but she can’t help it. When she discovers that there is such a thing as a fairy godmother (an FG) she decides she would like to pursue that line of “work.” The story has such a wonderful message: “be the person you are, even if you are different from everyone else.” The book is very humorous and both kids and adults will find it a fun read, IMHO. I highly recommend it.


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UGG® Classic TallI did it. I did the unthinkable. I did the thing I told myself I would NEVER do. I bought a pair of UGGS.

But, oh my god. I put them on and they have to be the most comfortable things I have ever put on my feet. And did you know you are supposed to wear them without socks? I wore them out yesterday in 30 degree weather without socks and my feet were nice and toasty. They are dorky looking as hell (and I got a pink pair. Can you believe it? a PINK pair) but definately worth all of the hype.

Damn that Nordstrom half-yearly sale!