The house across the street


One of the Christmas memories I remember fondly from my youth was driving around the South Hill and looking at the elaborate lights on all of the beautiful houses. I’ve been dying to get out and look around this year, but haven’t had a car until this week. So tonight, after going to my brother’s house, I thought I would drive around and relive my youth. I started out on a street named “Christmas Tree Lane” since it was usually the most lighted, hence the name of the street. I was very surprised to see no lights! Well, there were a few lame attempts at decoration, but it was really nothing special at all. I drove around a few of the side streets and, really, it was all very unimpressive.

It turns out the house across the street from my very own, the house that would put the Griswald’s to shame, the lights that keep me awake at night and practically caused our block to lose electricity the day after Thanksgiving when they turned them on, is the most decorated house that I have seen on the South Hill this year. I only had to walk as far as my driveway, turns out.

This picture really doesn’t do it justice. It is quite a sight to behold.