The Hunting of the President

Have you seen this film, “The Hunting of the President?” I checked it out from the library yesterday and watched it last night. It’s a documentary (from 2003) that is based on the Joe Conason book of the same name. It’s about the Conservative’s attempt to discredit the Clinton presidency during the nineties. I remember […]

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Go Harry!

This is an excellent statement given by Harry Reid for the Center for American Progress. I especially liked this quote: I was reminded of another lesson from college, this one taken from George Orwell and his book, 1984. In that book, Orwell spoke of “doublespeak” – naming something just the opposite, in order to cover […]

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Seahawks go to the Superbowl!

Well, being that my hubby and I don’t watch sports of any kind at all (even if we were watching television) I had no idea what all of the hubbub was about as I was going on my errands. Everyone was updating everyone, everywhere, on some score of some game. Whatever. Well, my mom calls […]

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