5 Random Facts


I’ve been tagged by Dianne at Daffodil Lane: for the 5 Random Facts meme:

1. I am deathly afraid of high places. It can be a problem at times, espeically when go for hikes. Maybe someday I will tell you how I came to be afraid of heights.

2. I hate housework and I’m a slob. I’ll admit it. My house is a mess. It’s embarrassing and I hope I can fix this little flaw.

3. I was born at lunchtime.

4. I’m a middle child. There’s another interesting little story related to this that I will have to post on sometime.

5. I’m 5’6″. This is interesting. For the longest time, like all of my adult life, I have thought I was 5’8″. I think it even says this on my drivers license. I mean, who measures themselves when they are an adult? Well last summer when I was at home visiting my family my niece, who has been growing like a weed, decided that we should all measure ourselves. Turns out I’m only 5’6″.